Stage 44: O’Neill to Battle Creek, NE, 43.22 miles

So our pedestrian tour of the cattle, corn and hay fields of Nebraska continues. The weather today was hotter than previous days – max of 94 – and apart from a few new bug bites and a little more sunburn there really was nothing remarkable about the day.

36 more days of this feels quite doable now, though I’m not going to get cocky about it – we’ve still a really long way to go; but the ratio of ‘done’ to ‘still to go’ is starting to feel better!

I’m looking forward to Steph arriving tomorrow evening – she’s coming to help crew and  we’ll say bye to Heidi as she leaves on Saturday morning.

So whilst there’s very little to update on I thought I’d cover one member of the crew team who’ll also be leaving on Saturday – Miss Daphne Samuelson. This little (10lb) Shih tzu has a big character!

Often Daphne comes out of the van to meet us as we approach, we usually win the race though!

Daphne’s always glad when cows aren’t around – and hates bugs and flies nearly as much as Heidi does!

Daphne’s at home in the van, but I think would rather be at home!

She’s great at looking out for us….

But sometimes it all gets a bit too hot for her so a bag of ice and Frogtog is best!

2 responses to “Stage 44: O’Neill to Battle Creek, NE, 43.22 miles

  1. Daphne’s GORGEOUS Jen… I remember walking behind a Yorkshire Terrier recently with the LDWA and he really brightened things up … x

  2. She looks a bit like my old dog Barkley. Fun little dogs.

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