Stage 46: Wisner (called it West Point yest, that’s where we stayed), NE to Decatur, IA, 42.08 miles

Yay another state!!! Today was our hottest day so far; it was 94 degrees but with a ‘feels like’ of 106 thanks to the humidity. Even early on (we started at 6:30am) it was warm and the air was thick. We started well, in part I was helped by my first decent cup of coffee (thanks to Steph and her Starbucks Vio!) and I was in a good mood. As the day wore on Mike and I got pretty exhausted in the heat, and the road was quite hilly with no shade.

There were three highlights of the day:

1) We crossed the Missouri River and into Iowa – as we approached the bridge I realised that there wasn’t actually a certainty we’d get through but Mike went straight to the toll booth and handed over two dollars whilst saying ‘two bikes please’; there was only ‘cars, bikes’ on the sign and no mention of walkers or runners. The toll booth chap looked pretty confused (as did I) but we ran on and he never called us back so we were good to cross!

{ My lack of patience with the internet connection means there should be a photo here of Mike and I in front of a ‘Welcome to Iowa: Fields of Opportunities’ sign – to be added}

2) I have cell phone service again!

3) I have just had a cup of normal tea in a mug; the first since I left London on May 28 and it was accompanied by two Hobnobs. AMAZING. Steph is a superstar!

{ Again photo of cup of Tea (Twinnings English Breakfast) and Hobnobs to be added}

One other thing to mention today is that when Steph leaves on the 31st July I’ll have no crew for the following couple of weeks – going through a bit of East Ohio, W Virginia, Pennsylvania and Maryland. If anyone knows of anyone who could help (expenses paid) please get in touch – I’m almost at the point of offering free flights, car rental and a two week ‘holiday’ to any friends from the UK at this rate! Almost.

One response to “Stage 46: Wisner (called it West Point yest, that’s where we stayed), NE to Decatur, IA, 42.08 miles

  1. Well done Jennifer. I would like to add a donation of £10 to your worthy cause.

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