Stage 47: Onawa to Dow City, IA, 38.9 miles

So it’s still ‘bloody hot’ as we Bradleys would say. But today I felt I coped a little better with the humidity, especially eating more salty snacks – yesterday my stomach was pretty sloshy with liquids and I think I drank too much so Steph and I were watching the fluid and electrolytes today and it went well. The run route was partly road and part dirt road today, often hilly as we passed field after field of corn and soy beans. The news and weather reports are full of how the current drought (the worst since Reagan was President) is affecting US farmers and we see it first hand everyday – fields of corn only half as tall as they should be and only those with the extensive sprinkler and watering systems are looking like they’ll produce decent corn. Yes I’m becoming a corn farming expert! Still with something like 80% of the world’s chicken fed on Mid-West corn (thanks Dad for that stat!) expect prices to increase!

A day and a half into Iowa and I can report that Racoons are to Iowa what Prairie Dogs are to Montana. I’ve seen 11 dead Racoons so far – that’s about one every 5 miles – and not a single alive one. We also had a couple of horribly smelly ‘country’ moments today – passing a chicken farm and then what must have been the back slurry pit of a cattle farm. Wow they cleared out the sinuses!

Tonight we went to a local restaurant called Cronks in Denison. It was a massive diner and has been there since 1929; old photos on the wall of classic cars lined up in the parking lot were great to see. It had a great salad bar (I’ve been craving green food and trying to eat as much salad and veg as I can) and a good buffet – though I had the salmon steak which was probably good about 5 mins before they took it off the grill. Back at the hotel I’ve followed it up with hobnobs and flapjack (which Steph made for the first time and brought all the way from Massachusetts – it was very good!) I also had some popcorn – my shorts have been a bit loose this week so I’m trying my best to up the calories.

We also went to Walmart which I always find pretty horrific and this one didn’t disappoint – though at least they had they excuse that they are moving stores in two days so that explained the chaos; most others I’ve seen haven’t had that excuse.  This website gives you an idea.

2 responses to “Stage 47: Onawa to Dow City, IA, 38.9 miles

  1. Re: peopeofwalmart. How much time do you have to surf the web for that sort of site?!?! Most mortals would be asleep the moment the daily run ends!

    Well done on on passing half way. Have you thought what happens when you finish? Will you be able to stop or will you miss it too much?

    • That website was suggested by a friend – I did spend a while on it though! And thank you – I’ll be heading back to the UK pretty soon after I finish and then at the Summer League race in Battersea Park on the 26th August – probably helping rather than running; as I hope lots of Serpies will be! I still intend to keep running; just maybe not so much each day!

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