Stage 49: Coon Rapids to Adel, IA, 45.24 miles

After 18 miles on highway 141 again we turned onto the Raccoon River Trail for the rest of the day, it was great to get off the road and away from the truck noise. It was another hot and sweaty day at 95 degrees by 1pm, with a ‘real feel’ of 105.  Once again Steph was there on hand with ice cold drinks and snacks for me – every 6 miles at the start and going to every 3 miles when it started to heat up. Steph has also been lending me her ‘neck cooler’ which is a bandanna (actually from the Western States 100 miler) you put ice into and it really helps cool you down. It has been a lifesaver in this heat. [And Yes Mother, before you comment, it does melt and drip down your back and makes you wet but then in this humidity I’m pretty soaked from running anyway!]

The trail was great and though it was a long day in the heat (nearly 10 hours) I was happy and finished feeling exhausted but generally ok. The best part was seeing two raccoons (live!) on the path in front of me – they were very cute.

Dinner tonight was from Applebee’s – lovely garlic and rosemary chicken pasta – delicious!

5 responses to “Stage 49: Coon Rapids to Adel, IA, 45.24 miles

  1. Eileen Bradley

    Seems like a great way to stay cool! Thanks Steph. Well done for managing the heat so well. Keep it up, you’re doing great! Much love xxxxx

  2. Jen I am incredibly impressed not only by what you’re doing but the way you’re doing it, and your attitude. I don’t know how you have the staying power. I went for a 6 mile run in 29 degree heat the other day and couldn’t contemplate doing any more!

    Earlier in the story when you had all the trouble with your quad I thought it may be over too soon, but you’ve kept going and it is admirable. Go for it!

  3. I was wondering how the road kill photos were going?

  4. Hello Jen!
    Well done lovely. Can’t believe you’re still going. You’re like a machine! Hope the heat/humidity isn’t too terrible. (It remains grey and freezing in the UK, tho we are continually promised that summer is going to arrive tomorrow/next week. Hmm.) Nice too that you’re getting to see some nature and creatures – I imagine them scampering after you like you’re a jolly running pied piper. Although that might create some problems when you get to passport control at the airport …
    Keep cool and drink loads, and everytime I think about moaning about the lack of sun here, I will remind myself that I am not having to wear a neck cooler. (Or indeed run 40 miles a day). You are amazing!

  5. U R doing great! Wish your route was closer to Nevada, so I could stop by to say hi and help. Hope you find support help before yours has to leave. We had a blast helping Don Lennox (a Scot) for a few weeks with his X-USA run through portions of California & Nevada last fall. Hated to leave him in central Nevada, when we had to leave. Without support, he had to run, pushing a loaded baby buggy across the desert and over the Rockies! And it had non-stop flats from goathead thorns and spoke issues. Good luck with support and the run to the east coast! We are rooting for you!

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