Stage 50: Adel to Runnels, IA, 43.16 miles

Today was tough, well that’s not actually true I made it tougher than it needed to be by being in a foul mood. It started from the second I got up. I didn’t want to get out of bed; didn’t want to get ready; didn’t want to leave the motel; didn’t want to leave the van at the start; didn’t want to start running…. you get the picture. I had proper ‘CBA’ (not Cost-Benefit Analysis!).

It was actually a nice day with a lovely trail through Des Moines along the river and, apart from a nasty 2-mile road section, a pretty good route. I walked and jogged in my foul mood all day; poor Mike got some of the brunt of it, and Steph also saw the narky side of me. Sorry guys!

So day 50 is done; I think that might have been part of the problem – with 30 days to go it feels like we’ve still got a long way to go and it’s been so long since I was in London with friends and seeing family. Blimey I might even be a little bit homesick, just a little. Good news is my phone’s back working!

Tonight we’re staying in Colfax which has had a mains water burst – so no water!! Apparently it’s coming back on in an hour or so (it’s now 20:20);  I’m on the radio again in 15 minutes; hope they can’t tell I’ve not had a shower yet!


6 responses to “Stage 50: Adel to Runnels, IA, 43.16 miles

  1. Hi Jen,

    just keep plotting along. Everybody has days like this in such a long race.
    I hope you got your shower.

    Keep on running

  2. I can smell you from here!

    Congratulations on your half century – 50 not out! Well done and those last 30 days will flash past and before too long the CBA in your life will be cost benefit analysis again

  3. Carol Beattie

    Hi Jennifer
    I’m amazed you haven’t had more CBA days – I feel like that most Mondays!
    You are doing brilliantly well – keep it going
    Best wishes

  4. Wow, day 50! You have accomplished so much!! You are doing a wonderful job. See you in a few days.

  5. Jennifer,

    I’m just astounded (as we all will be) that you’ve lasted 49 days before having a grumpy day! I think I’d be grumpy before day 1 had even begun, so you’re doing really well, don’t worry. I’ve had a couple of weeks off work so came back to find you had leaped across a whole state. Won’t be long now till you’re done (and then you’ll be planning the next adventure I’m sure!)

    Also, rest assured you have not been forgotten. Donna has been making sure the whole department is kept up to date with your progress at our meetings and stand ups 🙂

    • Hi Cheryl, hope you enjoyed the break – and being Aunty Cheryl! Delighted to see I’m not being forgotten and am also being moved across the map! Hopefully Recess and Olympics are kicking in now so it’s not too busy. It doesn’t actually seem like I’ve been away that long, and it’ll be over pretty quickly – I might be talking about his trip for a while to come!

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