Stage 51: Runnels to Barnes City, IA, 44.86 miles

I was in a much better mood today – in part because I’d pulled myself together and was helped by lots of messages etc from friends and readers – thank you! I must keep remembering that I am missing a terrible British Summer (so a normal British Summer then!), could be in a packed, stressed London ahead of the Olympics and I have lots of people cheering me on, many of whom are pretty amazing themselves! Plus it would be awful to go home and have to tell people that I didn’t finish not because of injury or  illness but because I couldn’t be bothered! So I’m plodding on – as much as I love work (and I really do) I’ll not be back before the end of August if I can help it!

Today was hot, no surprise there, but a little breeze kept it bearable – yes I now think running in 90 degrees is fine! Much of the day was on very quiet gravel roads so only a little dust kicked up when we went through tiny towns. I’m pretty convinced some towns in Iowa have more churches than people. I was just over 10 hours, not quick but felt pretty good and was undulating. Only annoyance was a couple of dog incidents – I think in most cases they’re just very excited to see people running past! One very friendly golden retriever ran with us for a mile or so, thinking it was a game, then Pat and Carl took it into the roadrunner and drove it back home!

I haven’t really talked about times very much, as frankly it’s all about getting to Delaware in one piece, but Mike  does record our times everyday and our cumulative totals are:

After 50 stages and 2008 miles:

Jennifer Bradley 448:31:23

Mike Samuelson 451:14:01

No wonder we’re both pretty exhausted!

Tonight we did laundry,the glamour. Steph and I watching the dryers go round whilst eating take out from a diner. I had a massive veggie omelette which I’d been craving all day – and it really hit the spot.

5 responses to “Stage 51: Runnels to Barnes City, IA, 44.86 miles

  1. Loving these updates! I’m running the length of New Zealand in November and reading about you and your team is really helping my motivation levels right now. Keep it up, you’re all doing great!

  2. I love reading your blog every day Jen. It is so well-written – Alan and I were talking the other week and both agreed that considering what you put your body through every day – such a coherent, gramatically perfect, recount every day is staggering! Stay strong xx

  3. Thank goodness they had that veggie omlette then Jen… Over 50 days now… yesterday it seemed like only the other day was day 25….

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