Stage 53: Kalona to Muscatine, IA, 42.09 miles

Yay a return to 42 mile days! The last few have seemed like long slogs but today was nice and easy. Cloudy most of the day and, although a little humid, I thought it didn’t seem as hot. Mike and I ran together, and with Steph, for a short while then I ran on – and was about half a mile in front of Mike all day. Might seem odd to be so close but not run together but I really wanted a day to myself, with just my thoughts, and I’ve found if Mike and I run together we often slow down but if I push on we both maintain a better pace, as is the case if Mike’s a bit in front of me.

6:15am in Kalona for the start of day 53; I’m trying but my tan is never going to catch up with Mike’s…

At the risk of sounding like I’m enjoying myself… I had a great day! Easy running and crew were brilliant once again; Steph even went ahead to check out the route around a tricky junction and Pat and Carl were there at every turn.

Tonight’s dinner was Mexican – a place called El Allende that Steph found online; all agreed a superb dinner!

Tomorrow we cross the Mississippi river into Illinois – apparently there’s more corn to come!

2 responses to “Stage 53: Kalona to Muscatine, IA, 42.09 miles

  1. Joanna littlechild

    It does sound as though you are enjoying yourself! Let’s hope that continues. Bradley wiggins should win the tour de France today so may be that endurance effort will encourage you into the next state.

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