Stage 56: Princeton to Ottawa, IL, 43.59 miles

This morning we started off with about 14 miles of the Hennepin Canal Trail, then about 14 miles in the middle on roads (the IL 6 being a new ‘worst shoulder’) and finished with 15 miles on the I&M Canal Trail. It was a good day, cloudy in the morning and seemed a little cooler than yesterday – which reminded me of a sign which said ‘Satan called and he wants his weather back’. What’s amazed me is how muggy and humid it is here at 6:30am, then it gets drier through the morning and roasting hot in the afternoon. Still being on the trail was great – the roads definitely seem hotter and have absolutely no shade.
I ran well; just inside 9 hours – the first 8 hour-something run I’ve had in weeks! And Mike was only a few minutes behind having had a few foot/blister issues.

In my haste to get to bed last night (and watching Family Guy) I forgot to mention that we had another visitor – Marty came to cycle with us most of the day! It was lovely to see him again and he was great company.

Running over one of the many bridges yesterday – the trail wasn’t really closed we decided!

Tomorrow’s all on the I&M Canal trail so looking forward to another good day.




3 responses to “Stage 56: Princeton to Ottawa, IL, 43.59 miles

  1. Hey Jen! Sounds nice to be off the road and onto a trail – I liked your muskrat story yesterday (also, the description) although I did then have to spend valuable work moments (ha!) searching for a picture of one. Hope you have some more good days – and also find some more shade on the way. I remain amazed. x

  2. Hey Jen, you’re killing it! Nice work! Sorry this message is at least 50 days overdue… Will raise a glass and a piece of cheese for you at LWOTM this evening. Have fun out there and keep being awesome! 🙂

  3. Joanna littlechild

    And today’s tasty treat was? Have another good day tomorrow – sounds like things are going really well.

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