Stage 57: Ottawa to Joliet, IL, 41.2 miles

Another great day for me, a few heat and blister issues for Mike but still good running. I’m pretty amazed how my body has adapted to the heat, it really didn’t feel that hot to me today though I was wet with sweat from the start. The trail was fairly shaded and I hardly noticed the heat (it was 97 today). Apparently it’s been warm in London today – let’s hope the Olympics aren’t a wash-out and the good weather stays. I explained to Mike recently about the Tube not having air-conditioning and every time I think of how hot it can get on the tube it reminds me I’m glad I run and/or cycle to work!

Today we had another visitor on the trail – Karen who was with us in Washington came along about mile 12 to help for the day and we’re staying at her house tonight. It’s lovely not to be in a hotel and Karen cooked us some really good spaghetti and delicious sauce (made with home-grown tomatoes). Steph and I are sleeping in the RV which is so enormous it has 2 Queen beds!

Mike and I took advantage of being at Karen’s to get on the weighing scales as when Karen saw us she thought we’d lost a lot of weight and we were debating how much we weigh. Mike has lost a lot of weight as his running shorts are nearly falling down – possibly one reason I keep running ahead just in case! Mike had lost some weight before the run as he was on the pre-run for 6 weeks biking, cycling and driving the route. Mike was 200lbs when he left home in April and is 161lbs now. He was really surprised as he thought he might be 180lbs but not lower. He does look thin (Mike’s 6 ft 3/4 inch tall). I’ve lost some but came 13lbs heavy knowing I couldn’t maintain 5,000 calories a day required to stay stable weight. I was 143lbs when I got to Seattle (normally about 130lbs – I’m 5ft 7) and frankly felt heavy and horrible. I knew I’d lost some but guessed I was about back at 130lbs… nope dropped to 123lbs. With 3 and a bit weeks to go this is a little worrying. I do look a bit gaunt so upping the food as much as I can, tonight’s great dinner has helped already!

I forgot to report back last night on dinner at Cracker Barrel – really good trout and veggies. Plus they have a shop attached to the restaurant which sells all old fashioned goodies – including sweeties and chocolates! So I got a Goo Goo which was a cluster of peanuts, caramel and chocolate – perfect! I’ve also got a pecan roll and a few other delights for another day. I’m also still eating my 9bars for healthy fats – they’re sunflower and pumpkin seed bars which are great for omega 3 etc.


2 responses to “Stage 57: Ottawa to Joliet, IL, 41.2 miles

  1. Margaret Trosino

    Goo Goo clusters area a great MidWest treat! I try and buy some when I am there. You really are trying out all kinds of treats! Keep up the good running! You guys are amazing! Aunt Margaret

  2. Joanna littlechild

    You need more treats! Looking forward to start of Olympics here but what you are doing is incredible. Only 3 and a bit weeks to go – where has the time gone?

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