Stage 58: Joliet, IL to Schererville, IN, 41.2 miles

Early this morning there was a thunder and lightening storm about 3am that woke me up briefly and it was great to hear the rain – it’s been over 5 weeks since we’ve had rain and I was hoping it might be a little less muggy for the start of the run. After a great breakfast at Karen’s,  including bagels with home-made blackberry jam which I left with a jar of, we headed to the start with rain still falling, but it stopped as we started. The humidity was off the scale, in less than a mile after starting we were soaked with sweat – and it stayed like that all day.

We were met about mile 8 by a fellow ultra-runner Rich who is often writing on the Ultra-list (a US-based e-group that has been full of useful advice and not-so-useful chatter since I joined the group a year ago). He was cycling and joined us for the whole day – making the time pass well by chatting and providing new company for Mike and I. Also Debbie joined us on her bike a little later and was good company too. The 4 of us chatted all day and time passed easily. The worst section of the day came after turning off the trail (‘The Old Plank Road’) and hitting IL30. The good thing was we passed over the State boarder into Indiana (State 9 of 14!); the bad thing was the road had little shoulder and was a busy route passed strip-malls. I put on a strong finish to get through the nasty road section and finished well – also thanks to Rich and Debbie riding with us into the oncoming traffic to protect us!

Ooh and on the ‘baking’ theme – Karen had baked Zucchini bread (Courgette bread for the UK readers) with pineapple and fruit in – it was delicious and I came away with a big loaf. I hope to get the recipe and will be making it when I get home!

2 responses to “Stage 58: Joliet, IL to Schererville, IN, 41.2 miles

  1. Hi Jennifer,

    Just got to the last day before going on 2 weeks leave. I will have a bit of time to catch up on all your recent posts. And to watch a bit of Olympics, hopefully. The cycling is coming through Putney tomorrow – it’s quite exciting! And it is the Opening Ceremony shortly.

    I can’t believe how well you are doing and so glad you are not injured. I’m very pleased you got to stay in a real house at last. I’m sure 60 days of motels must be one of the less good things about the journey so far.

    The pin is racing across the board at work, well into the second half! I have mentioned your incredible mission at several stand-ups and meetings – lots of people in DWP have been following you. I will be in more regular contact now I’m on leave. Keep going! You’re doing so well.


    • Hi Donna – have a great time away from the office – hope you get to really relax! I’ve realised over the past weeks I’ve completely adapted to your and James schedule; in bed by 9:30pm and up at 5:20am! It’s great to have so many people following; it’s going to be odd to be back in the office but I’m sure I’ll be back into it in no time, and good that everyone will know why I’ve got these crazy tan lines! Jennifer

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