Stage 60: La Porte to Goshen, IN, 46.24 miles

Long day today in cooler weather (80s) and long day tomorrow. Not much to report – feet are a bit sore at the moment so changed into new shoes and hasn’t really helped; I think it’s all the running… Mike was just behind me all day – his running/walking combo being about as fast as my jogging. Not the best day but done.

Think I’ve lost my net book charger in a hotel which would be a bit disastrous for my blogging and keeping in touch with back home – shall have a look again and start hunting down a new one if definitely lost!

Lost an hour today as well – the last Time Zone, so we’re in Eastern Time Zone now – the same as the finish!!

Need to catch up on the Olympics – saw some of the opening ceremony last night whilst in the pizza place (historical dress and nurses dancing around? I’m sure it made more sense from the start and with the sound!). I think we didn’t win the cycling which is disappointing, I like Cav. Right must dash, Subway to be eaten!

5 responses to “Stage 60: La Porte to Goshen, IN, 46.24 miles

  1. Joanna littlechild

    Yes cycling was disappointing yesterday – we’ll see if the women can do better this afternoon. no medals for gb at time of writing – but maybe later. Have a good day.

  2. Joanna littlechild

    And a silver medal for lizzie armistead in the cycling!

  3. I thought “Hail Britannia” is the UK national anthem! No? Yes? And I can’t help but notice how male French swimmers don’t know the words to THEIR anthem! 😉
    Sorry to learn of Mike’s momentary (I hope!) foot pain. Yours too, Jen! My advice: eat more pizza!!

  4. How many pair of shoes are you going to end up going through?

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