Stage 62: Pleasant Lake, IN to West Unity, OH, 43.95 miles

Today I was tired, though looking at the mileage on the left of this blog it’s not that hard to see why… I thought today was going to be 41-something miles but forgot we’d slightly shortened yesterday so added on to today. Somehow that made all the difference. Got through it but was slow. Not much to say about the route – mainly a long ‘County Highway’ for most of the day, but it did mean we hit our tenth State: Ohio!! Phew, only 4 to go. 18 Ultramarathons back to back sounds pretty bad but after 62 it’s looking good!

Tomorrow we say ‘bye to Steph who’s been my crew for the last 2 and a half weeks. She’s been amazing – incredibly well organized and always willing to do anything for me! She even spent ages on the phone to hotels trying to track down my net book charger – and then found it in the side pocket of my rucksack! She’s been invaluable help through some hot days in Iowa and Illinois and her knowledge of the Mid West (she’s from Ohio) has been great! I’ll really miss her and we’ve had quite a few laughs amongst the tough days, she needs to go home to get some rest and then head off to LA for a music video (she’s in several Metal bands and teaches Music at Amherst Uni – a Dr no less).

I’ve a couple of days without extra help – so Mike’s parents will be the only support in the Roadrunner – then John Price, a fellow cross country runner (he crossed solo in 2011) will be joining us for a week before my parents arrive to help out near the end. It really is a team effort crossing the US!

7 responses to “Stage 62: Pleasant Lake, IN to West Unity, OH, 43.95 miles

  1. Totally and utterly amazing, Jen. I hope the next couple of days without the extra help go well. xx

  2. Probably the most important charger in the World*.

    Well done, keep up the good work. As any runner knows the sections around the 75% – 90% of a race are the most dull and boring but the 90%+ parts make up for it! Hang on in!!!

    * Excluding the one powering the London 2012 ticketing server.

  3. Joanna littlechild

    Glad you found the charger – but maybe you hadn’t looked properly! And another state down – well done. Not surprised you are tired but ( relatively speaking) you haven’t got far to go now. Keep up the good work! And keep up with the treats!

  4. If it were a snake you’d been bit!

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