Stage 63: West Unity to Elmore, OH, 43.95 miles.

This morning was weird. It was dark when we left the hotel at 6:00am and had rained over night so was a bit chilly. It actually rained for a few minutes when we started running – our first rain for quite some time, and the weather continued to be cooler until about noon – when the sun came out and I  regretted not wearing sun cream on my legs. I have ridiculous tan lines – I’m going to be fake tanning my feet and ankles for a very long time to come – and forgetting cream doesn’t help.

We spent about 20 miles on the Wabash Cannonball Trail which was nice, but in need of work in some places – then we were on quiet roads until hitting our old favourite US 20 for a few miles at the end of the day. US 20 is a busy road, it gave me an opportunity to people watch for the first time since the last busy road. It turns out that Mike and I have very different approaches to cars coming at us – we both wave as they move over but it turns out I’m the only one who looks at the drivers, Mike doesn’t really look into the cars. He’s missing out. You see some great things, some shocking things and some hilarious things. Like the woman today talking on the phone, eating ice-cream and steering with her stomach at 50 mph. Then there’s the passengers who seem determined to put their feet through the window if the driver breaks suddenly. Then there’s the arguments – you can see people mid-shouting match; I imagine it’s over the Sat Nav directions.

Mike and I ran the whole day together – which was good after a few days apart (only by ten mins or so!). Mike took his second fall of the run – tripping over an uneven road surface on the edge of US 20; there’s not much shoulder and he fell towards the road but cars stopped and he was ok, just shaken for a minute or so. He also provided the best quote of the day; as we were running on the road he said ‘Roadkill?’ which we usually say when we think we can smell a dead animal, before I could answer he said ‘oh, no, me I think; it’s hard to tell sometimes if it’s my cap I’m smelling or the roadkill’. He’s washing his cap tonight!

Tonight I had my first Arby’s Roast Beef sandwich – very good, and great curly fries. Followed by a lot of Hobnobs and probably too much trail mix, let’s see how that goes.

Taking advantage of the ok Wi-Fi (cue for router to stop working…) here’s some photos I meant to post from the last few days.

Start of Day 62; Mike has many more years of tanning on me but I’m catching up!

Passing into Indiana – ‘Crossroads of America’ indeed.

Waiting for a stuck train to move in Indiana – I wasn’t going to stand and wait!

It was about ten minutes before the train moved.

Crossing the State Line into Ohio – no sign as on a dirt road but Pat improvised!

3 responses to “Stage 63: West Unity to Elmore, OH, 43.95 miles.

  1. Sorry that it took me so long to get round to making a donation! But I have been following you from time to time. It’s just incredible what you are doing. (And I hope it might give you that extra little bit of inspiration to hear that the Dazzlers are making a first-ever run for Division 2! We’ve never looked back since that historic 2009 off-season when you stepped up to help rescue the team…)

  2. Hi Jennifer
    Another state! You are doing fantastically well – keep it up!
    Meanwhile, in London, Bradley wiggins has just won gold in the time trial -yay!
    Hope you and mike continue running so well – not far now….
    All the best

  3. Joanna littlechild

    And the first gb gold won by 2 women rowers. Sounds like another good day.

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