Stage 64: Elmore to Bellevue, OH, 41.79 miles

We ran today mainly on the North Coast Inland Trail. For a long time this name bothered me but Mike’s just explained it; it’s inland from the North coast of Ohio – and we’re not far from Lake Erie. It was a decent trail, not much to see except fields and the occasional small town. I did see some bright coloured birds – Cardinals and Orioles (I think – red, blue and yellow) and on opening the curtains at tonight’s motel there was an otter outside the window – we’re not far from the Bellevue Reservoirs.

Injury news is still pretty light – Mike’s got a blister on his little toe and I’ve a tiny one on my second toe. My back still gets sore at about mile 30-35 everyday but a couple of painkillers and it’s fine. My biggest pain/soreness in recent days has been my thumbs – from carrying water bottles – I wake up every morning with sore thumbs. In contrast my feet look like I might have run a marathon about a week ago, holding up very well for 64 ultras.

Today’s treat-revelation is brought to us by Mike’s mum Pat. In Walmart she found Lotus Biscoff spread. Yes really; be warned though it’s as addictive as crack.  It’s billed as ‘Europe’s alternative to peanut butter’ yet I’ve never seen it, and I’ve spent ages in real Europe. On that I keep being amazed by the number of European cities that have named themselves after small towns in Ohio; we passed through Genoa today, stayed in Montpelier yesterday and  were close to Milan recently too! In a few days we’re staying in Strasburg, OH. In a South American theme we’ve also seen Lima and ran through Peru. All of these are pronounced in the least likely manner possible – I refused to call Montpelier by the name the locals did and stuck to the French!

Back to running and I’ve booked in for a couple of trail marathons today to keep me ticking over when I get back – Greensands and Clarendon Way. I booked into the Valencia marathon (road) a few weeks ago as I’d like to give it a decent go and see if I can get some speed back before the end of November – it’s 3 months after I finish here; well I have done a lot of the long slow running! Some days I think I’d like to never run again but others I can’t imagine not running 40 miles a day. Maybe I am a bit crazy.

3 responses to “Stage 64: Elmore to Bellevue, OH, 41.79 miles

  1. I got completely distracted by Biscoff last night Jen… forgot to read on and find out why you’re walking now… LOVE the fact that you’ve got energy enough to book races! xx

  2. Here’s some cardinal pictures and info:

    Here’s they are in our St Louis baseball team logo:

    And yes the Football Cardinals in Arizona used to be ours but they left us the blimey bastards.

  3. 64 ultras and just a blister today. It’s amazing.

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