Stage 65: Bellevue to Elyria, OH, 41.2 miles

Long walking day today (nearly 13 hours – and Mike kept me company all day!) as have small medical issue I am hoping will be rectified by the morning. Shall go into details if/when I’m better but for now I need my sleep and fingers crossed for a good outcome for tomorrow morning!

Today I broke my 17 year avoidance of a meal from McDonald’s; Angus steak wrap was actually pretty good. Reeses Cups McFlurries are not available in Ohio it seems, very disappointing but made do with Rolo instead (I can get that at home!). 

Pat and Carl (Mike’s parents) have been amazing today, really supportive and absolute angels waiting around all day – many thanks to them yet again!

7 responses to “Stage 65: Bellevue to Elyria, OH, 41.2 miles

  1. I hope you feel better again.tomorrow Jen.
    Keep on running!

  2. Wow that is a long day of walking, you must be exhausted! Hope you feel better tomorrow, you guys are doing great!

  3. Well… being a sponsor for an ultra runner preparing for D’sables next year, I thought I had seen it all, but WOW! What an amazing feat of endurance!! Brilliant! xx

  4. I hope things are ok tomorrow.

    I’ve been watching quite a lot of the Olympics and whilst the competitors are amazing what you’ve done makes them look pretty ordinary to be honest

    Good luck

  5. Fingers crossed for a full recovery for tomorrow Jen!

  6. Fingers crossed!!! x

  7. I don’t understand what everyone has against McD’s (except digging up the rain forest). Their food all seems good except the fries and deserts …

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