Stage 66: Elyria to Everett, OH, 44.6 miles

Long day again, 14 hours walking but feeling better. Didn’t manage to do any jogging today as every time I tried I needed the loo; my bladder seems to be enjoying the running less and less. But the good news is my pee is back to a normal colour! Hurrah! (and yes I’m aware I’m sharing the status of my urine with half my work colleagues and friends but heck it’s ultra-running, I’m now used to it!. Mike ran a bit today so he had a shorter day thankfully. John Price arrived this morning after a long drive from Virginia Beach and was great all day – walking with me and telling me stories, he’s an Ultra legend and I’m delighted he’s come to help crew me for the week.

Tomorrow I’m going to try a shuffle and walk/jog a bit; 14 hours is a bit too long on your feet, I’m tired! Off to bed having had a Wendy’s Chilli and ice- cream, lots of ice-cream!

6 responses to “Stage 66: Elyria to Everett, OH, 44.6 miles

  1. #TooMuchInfo !!

  2. Joanna littlechild

    Hope you are feeling better. Watching women’s triathlon at the moment – but they will be only running a measly 10 k. Hope to go up to town tomorrow to see the women’s marathon which is more your style. Lots of gb medals in the last couple of days.

  3. Sorry to hear you’re having a bad time. The Terminator will be missed on the bridge this year. At least I won’t have to fear being run over when I’m too tired to get out of the way. Good luck with the rest of the trek!

  4. I feel like I’ve missed a day.. when did you have funny colour urine? (What colour was it?!) (Was it blood/too dark?) {I can’t have too much info! ;)} … “If you come home from a run without some decent gossip – you’ve been running too fast” [Sid Wills]

  5. Hi Jennifer,

    Can’t believe you have reached stage 66 – well done! Hope your bladder problems resolve themselves – that is exactly the problem I had while pregnant and it turned out to be more annoying than any other symptom!

    I had last week off work and have been watching the Olympics. I took Clara to the Olympic Park on Thursday and we watched men’s basketball. It was great fun. I can’t believe Trevor has tickets to the men’s 100m final tonight! The Olympics have been going really well and London has done a great job after all. Not missing work at all, as I’m sure you aren’t either! We are looking forward to having you back though – it doesn’t seem that far away in my calendar now..

    Keep going and thanks for doing the updates so regularly – we really enjoy reading them.

    Best wishes


  6. Again I’m falling so far behind. 😦 Three things: 1) Do NOT fret the TMI. Where I come from (and you do know where I come from ;), our mixed company running conversations are only just getting started with “pee” things (women standing, men sitting, etc., etc.) and then, as they say, “they go straight into the toilet from there.” 2) Holy cow! You can WALK 44.6 miles in 14 hours? Wow!! You need to be across the pond, like, NOW for the racewalking competition. And 3) I am really and truly glad “UltraJohn” got there and is now volunteering his time. And if you like “stories,” Jen? John can keep you entertained all the way back to England. Swim included!! 😉
    Eh, John? 🙂

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