Stage 68: Navarre to Jewett, OH, 45.84 miles

Today I jogged a little and it was ok; tomorrow I’m hoping to be fully back to normal. The trail in the morning was pretty with more dry-canal and woods around us. There was a fairly dull section of US highway 212 but then we finished with 10 miles on another trail – The Conotton Creek Trail.

The weather was cloudy all day and pleasantly cool in the morning, if a little humid. There were a few heavy downpours and thunderstorms which made for some muddy trails in places! I also met a fellow trail runner called Mike who was interested in the run and was kind enough to drive by and say hi later on.

Mike had a better day then several recently and made it in under 11 hours, whilst I was just under 12. Getting there!

And so I did!

Tomorrow we go through a whole State! We cross (the tip of) West Virginia and go into Pennsylvania. Looking forward to that.

9 responses to “Stage 68: Navarre to Jewett, OH, 45.84 miles

  1. Jennifer following your blog, stay safe you are doing a great job and should be proud of yourself. Get a good nights sleep. Natalie Cline

  2. Good that you are recovering.

    I’ve explained what you are doing to Maria (new student placement in my team) – not sure she fully believes it yet.

  3. Hope the recovery continues. Was thinking about you at the weekend when watching the light-weights who seemed to get tired out by running a measly 26 and a bit miles! Maybe they’ll get around to making ultra-running an olympic sport some day? Or possibly baking? I know which I’d prefer.

  4. Glad you’re recovering Jen! Enjoy your whistle-stop tour of West Virginia tomorrow.

  5. Joanna littlechild

    Hope you are feeling better. Good luck for the next state. Yesterday’s pie did look good.

  6. You and Mike AND UltraJohn are doing so well “out there,” I’m now looking for sculptors to make statues for every trail you’ve run on. No, wait. Sorry. There aren’t that many sculptors still alive.
    (Maybe John himself could learn how to sculpt. He’s told me everything else he already knows how to do!! 😉 Just kidding, John! (Mostly I’m testing to see if you’re reading this! 🙂

  7. I’m so glad you recovered. The weatherman said today that July 2012 was the hottest July on record since they started recording in 1895. Summer 2012 maybe the hottest summer ever in US recorded history so that just makes your accomplishment all the more sweeter.

  8. Rich… you are funnnny! Useful info Steven.. thank you.

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