Stage 69: Jewett, OH to Burgettstown, PA (via WV), 43.74 miles

Today we spent a short time on trail at the start, then 28 miles on roads and 11 miles on the Panhandle Trail. More excitingly was running through two State lines! And yes I did some running, well jogging anyway! We went into West Virginia over the Ohio River on a lovely bridge and then on the Panhandle Trail we entered Pennsylvania. The final sections of trail today were really nice – great surface to run on and pretty flat after some big hills in the 8 mile stretch of West Virginia! 

This internet connection is sending me into a state so I’m going to get some sleep and hope for another good day tomorrow – great to actually have an evening of sorts! 

2 responses to “Stage 69: Jewett, OH to Burgettstown, PA (via WV), 43.74 miles

  1. I know you have intermittent internet and not much time at the end of your day you are supposed to be able to watch any Olympic event (from an American view point likely) at Great Britain is in 4th place in total medals behind US, China and Russia but our local coverage isn’t showing much of the Brit’s wins. You all are kicking butt in cycling, rowing and horsies.
    Here’s the Brit’s medal winners link:

    Alistair Brownlee took the men’s triathlon gold and his brother Jonathan the bronze.

  2. And Jen Bradley took GOLD in trail running 🙂

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