Stage 70: Burgettstown to Port Vue, PA, 44.10 miles

Today was great – good trail (The Montour Trail and the GAP), only a few trail-breaks on road and some ok running from both Mike and I – we ran together all day and it was a ‘steady’ day. The morning started misty and I was actually chilly for the first time in ages, it warmed up to high 80s but was a less humid day so rather pleasant. The route went through a pretty industrial area of South Pittsburgh, yet in some places there were deer, woods all around and a real sense of being in the countryside.  John, Pat and Carl managed to find their way to us in the many trail carparks and road intersections so

Panhandle Trail Day 69

we were well crewed yet again!

Here’s some photos that Pat’s taken of the route and interesting things we run past:



This evening we went to ‘Boston Market’ which is a new fast food chain for me – and I liked it. I had chicken, which was good, but the vegetable sides were excellent – especially the sweet potato mash with brown sugar and cinnamon on top, I’ll be trying that at home!

I’m on the radio again shortly – ‘Up All Night’ again on BBC 5Live; at 2:45am UK time, 9:45am Eastern US Time (which is just after my bedtime but luckily I’m not too tired tonight).


7 responses to “Stage 70: Burgettstown to Port Vue, PA, 44.10 miles

  1. What an amazing summer you have given all of us lurkers! I’m curious about how long it is going to take you to adjust to not running in the same daily way at the end of this adventure. I’m also curious about what’s next for you – this is such an amazing feat. It’s like climbing K2. How do you define goals after running across America?

  2. Jen, mike your amazing. Keep up the good work. Jen, your a strong, brave and inspirational woman. 2012 will be remembered as the best uk Olympics in history and the year Jen ran across America! (and mike!) x

  3. I’m glad you’ve had a better day after the last few.

    Even more amazingly you can count the days left on your fingers now – well done

  4. Joanna littlechild

    Good to hear you have had great day. Best wishes for the next couple of days. Can’t be many states to go now.

  5. Jen I might not be awake when you broadcast. Will R5 Live give you your broadcasts when this is all over? Will you be able to email them to us? Well done on your amazing progress. Best wishes.. Teri x

  6. Here’s an article I found about sugar and even more reasons why eating a lot of it makes it hard to lose weight. Beyond just the sugar calories and the insulin spike a day of a lot of sugar can modify the bacteria in your colon to favor the efficient ones that help the body retain calories and store more fat. When I read that I thought about a woman who is running across the US in 80 days and struggling with a downward weight trend… So here I am bothering you again! :p

    “This change makes it easier to gain weight and harder to lose it. And the effect can happen in just 24 hours.”

    (found this as we argued on FB group about whether the appendix still has a use in humans… it does)

  7. Watch that “fast food” stuff here in the States, Jen. It’s *not* the fare that made America famous. No, it’s the rubbish that made America obese! Still, Boston Market is marginally better than Mickey D’s. Toss a Big Mac into the ocean when you get there. You’ll see even the sharks won’t touch it!

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