Stage 71: Port Vue to Connellsville, PA, 44.36 miles

Sorry for the late blog – day 71 was a good, steady run on the Great Allegheny Passage (GAP) Trail, which is wonderfully shaded and though busy with cyclists in some areas can also be quite peaceful. It’s great to have a few days completely off the roads!

We spent the night at Mike’s old friends’ house and it was amazing. Dave and JR Gates treated us to a delicious meal of steak (from their own Wagyū cattle!), corn and lots of veggies. The beef was probably the best I’ve ever had. Their hospitality was staggering – I left with a big bag of fruit they’d bought for us, and couldn’t have asked for better hosts. I slept well and their 18th century farm house was the perfect antidote to motels! Thanks again to the Gates for a super evening!

I managed to miss two animal sightings – first hummingbirds on the porch and then John had a bat fly past him in the bedroom! I’ll post John’s hummingbird pics when he uploads them.



2 responses to “Stage 71: Port Vue to Connellsville, PA, 44.36 miles

  1. Great news Jen… congratulations on getting your parents there too… You might have less time to speak to us now!? Best wishes Teri

  2. If you’re talking about UltraJohn Price, he already IS bats!! 😉 Oh, he knows I’m kidding. But, trust me, for a dude who’s slogged across both this country and yours (i.e., lived like a homeless man for months on end), he’d be happy just sleeping in the belfry.

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