Stage 72: Connellsville to Rockwood, PA, 37.98 miles

Today’s running was going great, steady pace on a great trail but then at about 33 miles we had the biggest thunderstorm I’ve ever seen descend on us. The lightening was really scary and the thunder incredibly loud – so loud that Mike and I had to shout to be heard over it! As the rain got very heavy and we were drenched we decided it just wasn’t very sensible to continue passed the 38 mile stop so left the last 6 miles of the planned day for tomorrow.

We said ‘bye to John today as he headed back to Venice Beach – I can’t believe how quickly the last week has gone and part of that has been because John has made everything so easy. His good humour and great stories have kept me going through some tough times and he’s been very supportive throughout.

The new crew have arrived tonight… My Parents!! So pleased to have them here – and it means we’re really close to the finish now! We’ve just had dinner after they drove from Philadelphia airport and they’ve finally met Mike, Pat and Carl. Tomorrow is their first day crewing, they’re really looking forward to it and I’m excited that they’ll be playing a big part in the trip, especially after how much they’ve been worrying at home!

6 responses to “Stage 72: Connellsville to Rockwood, PA, 37.98 miles

  1. Jen I keep meaning to ask how many pairs of shoes you’ve been through and how do you get new ones?

  2. great to have been following your blogs, Jen, and glad Eil and Pete arrived safely. Go! Team Bradley!! Love to all and best wishes for the rest of the Trail. XX

  3. Joanna littlechild

    Hope everything dries out and that the extra miles tomorrow aren’t too bad. I’m sure you’re pleased to have your mum and dad there for support for the last few days. Best wishes.

  4. What did I tell ya ’bout John’s (encyclopaedic!) “stories”? I know very well how WELL he could keep your mind off the physical pains, whilst foisting upon you the mental. πŸ˜‰ Ah, but you’ll miss him. (I don’t, but you will. πŸ™‚ Good thing your parents have “come over” to save the day! Good show!!

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