Stage 73: Rockwood, PA to Cumberland, MD, 48.80 miles

Today was a really great day. It was our longest distance of the run (after moving 6 miles from yesterday) and went so well. Mike and I ran pretty consistently all day and both agreed we’d not run so well since Day 53. We ran nearly 49 miles in just under 10 hours – including some fairly long stops for the Eastern Continental Divide sign and the Mason-Dixon line as we went into Maryland; our penultimate State!! [I’ll post photos later of the signs!]

The GAP trail was good underfoot and easy to run on and with the coolest temperature for a while we couldn’t have asked for a better day.

My Mum and Dad were great at crewing (only missing one stop!!) and they followed Pat and Carl for much of the day, getting the hang of the directions and the SatNav! They also joined us on the trail for an 8 mile section which went through The Savage Tunnel – Dad cycling with extra water bottles and Mum running with us. It was fun and good to chat to them as we ran.

We had a few animal sightings – a rattlesnake and hummingbird – and a mammal which Mike and I came across and it wasn’t running away from us, as we got nearer it was clear it was a bit old and slow. Mike’s US animal identification is pretty poor, mine no better so we have conversations that usually amount to ‘Did you see that?’ ‘No, what was it?’ ‘looked like a beaver but smaller and thinner’ ‘So could have been anything then?’ ‘Yep’. Actually looking at beaver pictures this could have been a beaver, a very old beaver.

Mike and I have had some classic conversations over the past few weeks, I wish I had time to write about them all, though most are probably more funny at the time! We’ve had a whole 2 hours running trying to remember the name of a character in CSI (it was Gil), several discussions stemming from the headlines we’ve seen that morning on the news – but without most of the details (like today with my ‘I think a US sprinter broke his leg in the relay but not sure who, what race or what happened’) – and some sketchy history chats – including Mike’s terrible recount of the Mystery of The Colony at Roanoke. We’ve also been trying to figure out how the Olympics are going and are usually about 5 days behind the stories; though I did get to see Mo’s 5,000m win before I knew he’d won gold!

Dinner tonight was at Puccini’s in Cumberland – one of Carl’s favourite Italian restaurants and it didn’t disappoint. Amazing meatballs and pizza; well it was a long day!!

3 responses to “Stage 73: Rockwood, PA to Cumberland, MD, 48.80 miles

  1. Margaret Trosino

    So glad your parents are there to spend the last week of your epic journey with you! You and Mike are awesome!!! I can’t wait to see you next week. I have been to Manteo, North Carolina (just across the Virginia Border). They have a wonderful, outdoor play about The Lost Colony that plays in the summer. It was very good the summer I was there. Good luck on your last days!
    Aunt Margaret

  2. Jennifer it sounds like you are doing wonderful! I am sure it feels great to have your parents there with you. Rest up for tomorrow is another day. Take care
    Natalie from the Garver House

  3. You folks are doing so well, soon you’ll have paparazzi!! Flash bulbs and tape recorders! TMZ!!! Nah, fuhgeddaboudit. They’re probably all still over in London. Hanging on Usain Bolt’s every (“ja, mon”) Jamaican syllable. Congrats, though, on all the British achievements! I’m now in love with Jessica Ennis and will not ever play tennis with Andy Murray! That just wouldn’t be cricket.
    Best thing about the Olympics? They’re over. So now I can get back to work… and you two can continue on to the Atlantic!

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