Stage 74: Cumberland to Little Orleans, MD, 45.26 miles.

I wrote lots here, it was a good post, even funny in places. The Internet is evil and stole it, I’m not going to let it ruin a good day. In summary: Great day on C&O Canal trail with Dad cycling lots and Mum running a 6 mile stretch, last day on trail tomorrow. Had ok dinner – with baking, or at least some cookies from a bakery attached to the restaurant, they were ok, I could make better. Off to watch Mo win 5,000m Gold on repeat, night night!

2 responses to “Stage 74: Cumberland to Little Orleans, MD, 45.26 miles.

  1. Hi Jennifer,

    Ironically this is my second attempt at leaving a message, too! I’m so glad your parents are there and I really hope you enjoy the last stages. I’m back to work tomorrow, sadly but look forward to seeing you soon!

    Clara and I have watched the Olympics religiously – we will be sad when it’s over tonight!

    All the best to you and Mike for the remaining stages. You have both been fantastic!


  2. So. Let me attempt to rewrite what The Evil Cyber Empire stole from you, Jen: “I ran well today, and so did Mike. All the people stood by and we passed them like they were standing still. When their jaws were slackening and tongues hanging out, we admonished them to close them. No time to sign autographs, but some peeps shouted out their e-addresses as if we would remember and contact them later, sending our electronically signed digital full-color 8-by-10s. No wait, I’m misspeaking. The only idiot who did that is the one trying to write like me. (He just doesn’t understand English. It’s spelled ‘colour.’)” 😉

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