Stage 75: Little Orleans to Hagerstown, MD, 42.30 miles

Short day today and a sad one in some ways as it was the last section of trail for the run (well, except about one mile on the way to the finish). Mike and I had a good day, a sub-9 hour day for the first time in a long time (excluding when we had to cut short the day)!

Thanks again to our parents for crewing, my Mum ran and Dad cycled again which was both a great help and made the day pass quickly. The road running is easier on crews – they can find the roads easier than the trail! But not as much fun for the runners, but I feel really privileged to have run so much of this route (about one third) on trails and seen so much glorious countryside and wildlife.

Yesterday running on the Ohio and Chesapeake Canal Trail

Locks on the Ohio & Erie Canal Trail, going to miss these lovely settings

So we’re back on roads for the next 5 days into Delaware and to the finish, starting to really look forward to the finish and the Atlantic Ocean! Also looking forward to getting back to London – I’ll be back in London (well, Heathrow) this time next week!! I can’t believe how quickly the last few weeks have gone.

4 responses to “Stage 75: Little Orleans to Hagerstown, MD, 42.30 miles

  1. You know you’ve done too much running when you think 42 miles is a short day!

  2. Jennifer this is an awesome experience that you will remember forever. You are on the home stretch, I will pray for good weather. Natalie

  3. Ah, closing in on The Pond. You two are doing so well, and inspiring so many people, that there’ll be a boat waiting. Imagine that. You won’t have to swim!

  4. If Jen had the right crew, chase boats and cold water wet suit, she’d swim her way home!

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