Stage 76: Hagerstown to Westminster, MD, 46.39 miles

I expected today to be worse than it was; like all the motels we’ve been to I’ve found it’s best to have low expectations and then you’re generally happy with what you get. Today the weather was fairly cloudy so although a little warmer than the previous few days it felt comfortable. The first 15 miles on roads out of Williamsport were busy and felt like a beating round the head (the traffic noise, the smells, the broken sidewalks…) after the lovely peaceful trails. Then we spent  the rest of the day on the rolling hills of the MD 77, with some pretty wooded sections and then small towns to pass through.  It was ok for being back on the road – not as bad a day as I’d expected. My feet were a little more sore than usual at the finish – a consequence of the roads I think – but feeling better now. Mum ran for 4 miles with us – that’s everyday now, she’s doing her own streak – and got some of the experience of the trucks going past! I need to do some hill training when I get back as today was like dragging myself up through treacle, to think I used to run mountain marathons and now I’m walking up small hills! I guess it might have something to do with the 75 previous days running!

Staying in Westminster, MD tonight and it was funny running through the town earlier as the signs all say ‘City of Westminster’ and remind me of back home and work – not long now and I’ll be back in the slightly busier ‘City of Westminster’. I simply cannot believe how quickly this summer has gone – especially the last 3 weeks or so!

4 responses to “Stage 76: Hagerstown to Westminster, MD, 46.39 miles

  1. Jennifer you wear me out just reading about your day! I spent mine cooking in the kitchen for guests and a luncheon on Wednesday. I made a wonderful recipe of lemon cupcakes with raspberry filling and lemon icing. I will send you the recipe along with the pie recipe. I am enjoying reading about your daily run. Take care. Natalie

  2. “Dragging [yourself] up through treacle.” Ahh… it reminds me of what you, Jen, actually said to me whilst wending our way over the abysmal highways of northeastern Illinois. I forget the context–and basically couldn’t hear anyway due to the traffic!–but you rather snarkily (it was cute) chastised me for my apparent horrid use of the language and suggested that, if we were in England and not America, “we would be speaking ENGLISH!!” I just loved that. 😉
    So, okay, tonight in Maryland [BTW, do *you* know whom the state was named after?] I want you to order bubble and squeak, with a pint, of course, and ask the waiter if he’s ever heard of the expression “slow as treacle in January”! 🙂

  3. Joanna littlechild

    You’re not the only one who thinks the time has gone quickly. Your imminent return was mentioned at the office today – so I think we are looking forward to welcoming you back. Best wishes for the next few days

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