Stage 77: Westminster to Bel Air, MD, 40.43 miles

Weird day; started in rain that just got harder until we were absolutely soaked through and then eventually it eased off. A shorter day than many recently so I’d hoped for a decent run, even hoping for somewhere around 8 hours – in the end we did 9:20 and it was tough going in the rain first thing and the hills throughout. It hasn’t gone unnoticed that the weather turned wet as my parents arrived… They did great again today – we really couldn’t do this without our crews; just wish they’d left the British weather at home, though at least it’s not a heatwave again!

Some of the roads were very pretty, along a river or through a wooded section, some not so pretty.

One of the pretty stretches of road through the Catoctin State Park, MD-77

We had a great dinner at a Mexican restaurant opposite the hotel with Will Campbell who was involved in some of the Trans-ams of the 1990s, thanks for dinner, and the stories, Will!

Only 3 days to go now, the finish is nearly here!!!

Finish Day 76 – me wearing my ‘you can see me so don’t hit me’ top!

14 responses to “Stage 77: Westminster to Bel Air, MD, 40.43 miles

  1. Did you meet the fresh prince – or is that another Bel Air?

  2. Can’t believe it’s been nearly three months since we had your going away picnic. I’ll be very glad to have you back next week though 🙂 As will your ball which has been rolling around the desks looking for someone to love it. Really glad it sounds like you’re going to finish your last few days on a high (well, not including the rain), and of course that you’re following the ‘just look like a highlighter’ advice for road safety 😀

    • It has gone so quickly – looking forward to catching up next week; be gentle with me though as it’s going to take some getting used to! I think I just about remember what we were doing before I left but it’s probably moved on a bit since then! And good to see my ball hasn’t been kidnapped by Mike or Alex!

  3. Hi Jennifer,

    Can’t believe there are only 3 stages left! How exciting..! I’m back at work and it’s quite busy for August – not to put you off… Looking forward to seeing you soon.


    • Hi Donna, Hope you had a good break – good to see you managed to watch most of the Olympics, you can hopefully fill me in on the best bits! Looking forward to coming back – getting used to Caxton again might take a few days but I’ll be there! And we’re always busy in CAD aren’t we?! Jennifer

  4. Joanna littlechild

    Keep up the good work and see you next week!

  5. Derek and Margaret

    Must be a great boost having Mum and Dad on the crew, especially with Mum running part of the way with you. Have been with you in spirit all the way. Awesome achievement, very proud of you. See you soon.

    • It has been great to have them here for the final week – and yep Mum’s done really well, even in the heat. Delighted you’ve been following – hope your summer in Italy is going well!

  6. It has gone by so fast. I’ve enjoyed ready your blog and you have inspired me to start walking a couple of miles a day 3 times a week. The jogging is still painful and I can make it about 100 yards before going back to a walk. If I ever feel discouraged I keep thinking “Jen does 40+ a day so you can do 2”.

  7. Yup (this is in agreement with Steven) me too! I’ve decided to scrape my sorry lorry (butt, behind, rear, truck) up off the cobblestones (floor, road, sofa, rocks) and begin a new training regimen in an effort to creep (crawl, walk, jog, perambulate) swifter than just, you know, sitting still. And it’s all because of my new heroine Jennifer! As they say (in perverse English 😉 in California, “Lezzgo beach!”

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