Stage 78: Bel Air to Chesapeake City, MD, 39.60 miles

It was foggy this morning and my mood was definitely similar; with 3 days to go to the finish I had hoped for a return to some decent running but my legs are just tired so we plodded and it didn’t feel like we got going all day. It was humid and I felt exhausted from the start despite a good night’s sleep.

The worry of the day was to be crossing the Conowingo Dam Bridge – a narrow road bridge with no shoulder and little option should a car try to hit us. But it did cut off 7 miles from the route and when Mike suggested it I thought it made sense; 7 miles on the road can be dangerous too! Luckily when we got to the bridge there was some work going on so cars had to stop part-way across, this was great as it slowed the traffic right down and made our crossing less scary!

So we got through it, only two days to go!! Into Delaware tomorrow!

Tonight’s dinner was at Cracker Barrel and was once again superb – great comfort food!


11 responses to “Stage 78: Bel Air to Chesapeake City, MD, 39.60 miles

  1. Go Jen, go Mike! amazing!!!! Whoop whoop! X

  2. So near the end now, must feel good. I’m going to be without internet for the next few days so won’t find out how the last stages go until after it is all over. Good luck.

  3. Good luck for the next few days, Jenny. Am sending you some Arnica to take when you get home, to help with general recovery and exhaustion. If your mum can get some there it would be good to take now. Usain Bolt’s doctor uses it for him, so it’s not so wierd as you may think. Love, XX

  4. Keep going. SO nearly there. Keep picturing yourself as you cross the finishing line.

  5. Christine loves cracker barrel. She’ll run the last three days for home cookin’

  6. Keep it going Jennifer – you are almost there! What an amazing achievement. Enjoy the next couple of days and reaching the finish. Best wishes, Carol

  7. Ah, I see now you’re (Jennifer) interacting with we of the hoi polloi. Cool! You’re almost done, too. So please skip this message, because I took your advice and ran instead of writing and talking, so this is now in arrears and way too late to do you any good. 😉

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