Stage 79 (of 80!!): Chesapeake City, MD to Dover, DE, 38.40 miles

Ok so I’m finally allowing myself to get a bit excited that I might complete this. I reckon I could crawl the 39.6 miles to the finish tomorrow, of course I am hoping to run but just in case! Today was a slow day for 38 miles (nearly 9 hours) but the roads were ok and although I’d like to be going quicker we had to make a few stops into gas stations and it was the hottest day for a while.

We crossed into Delaware about 9 miles in; well we think we did, there wasn’t actually a ‘Welcome to Delaware’ sign, which was rather disappointing. We’re in Dover now which is the State Capital so we must be in Delaware – our last State; America’s ‘First State’.

We had dinner at a Chicago grill – I had fish and prawns; I’ve been craving seafood for a while but being really sensible and not eating anything that might make me poorly, even if the chance is low! So I decided if I get struck down by gastro tonight I can still get to the finish!

Tonight I’m staying in the nicest hotel of the trip (thanks parents!) and they have chocolate brownies and cookies at reception… as I went for a second helping of both the receptionist looked at me like I might have an eating disorder, nope just a trans-am ultrarunner! (I might have to start admitting I’m an ultrarunner after this summer I guess…)

Right, need to go and sort out stuff for tomorrow – we’re going for a celebratory dinner at a pizza place in Lewes straight from the finish so I need to get clothes ready to change into. On that I’ve decided to wear my Serpentine top for the day tomorrow as if it wasn’t for Serpentine Running Club I’d never have carried on running after getting a bit bored of it 4 years ago and then bumping into some Serpies in Hyde Park one Saturday morning!


18 responses to “Stage 79 (of 80!!): Chesapeake City, MD to Dover, DE, 38.40 miles

  1. Enjoy your last stage Jen and Mike. You have earned that one!

  2. Yep, I think you can probably consider yourself an ultrarunner;-) Congratulations!

  3. Congratulations! I’m so glad to have met you and been a part of you fantastic journey. You did a great job and are such a strong person.

  4. Wow Jennifer you are doing fantastic! I am proud of you and proud to have met you if only for a brief moment. Have fun on your last day running!

  5. I always knew you’d do it!

    Well done – now just finish it off

  6. Excellent work Jen – smash the last day, after all it is THE LAST DAY ! What an achievement.

    Sent from my iPhone

  7. Wow! I am in awe at your acheivement. Hoping your final run is done as a run and there is some cake as well as pizza at the end of it!

  8. Nice one Jen. Have a great run on the last day!

  9. Can’t wait for tomorrow’s edition. I was saying just yesterday that even if you broke your leg now you’d be hopping along on crutches making sure you finish! Well, obviously we all hope you do not get sick or injured and that you have an amazing last day. Maybe you’ll actually jump in the sea?! Looking forward to having you back next week. Congratulations on getting to the last day! 😀

  10. Wow Jen, 42 miles a day is incredible so I don\’t think you need to beat yourself up about slowness or walking a few stretches. One big last push to go then a big healthy happy rest

  11. Can’t quite belive there’s only one day left. Hope there’s a nice sofa, cup of tea and slice of cake awaiting your arrival at the end. You’ve probably earned it. Very much looking forward to reading the final post tomorrow morning. An absolutely incredible achievement!

  12. All credit to you both on what is to be your last day. Enjoyed your blogs and you two will never know how much inspiration you have passed on to others. Truly amazing! Good luck

  13. Wish I could be there at the finish line waving an Union Jack and US Flag.
    Oh and to shoot off some fireworks!
    Video, where will the video of it be?

  14. Well done Jen we did not think it was possible
    Will raise a glass to you and your latest road crew in the Belmore Saturday night
    You should get more than a Olympic Gold medal for what you have done

  15. “Chicago Grill” in Dover freaking Delaware. It figures. We’re often imitated but never duplicated. Or, maybe it’s the reverse? Later today… you’ll be plunging into Lake Michigan? (Looks the same to me.) So, Queen of the Continent Jennifer, welcome to The Least Coast and its sun of a beach!! YOU DID IT!!!!!

  16. Amazingness. Enjoy tomorrow, savour every moment, then eat some cake!

  17. Joanna littlechild

    I’ll be looking out for the final update. Nearly there now! One last push! See you next week.

  18. Last leg – can’t believe it! Well done to you and Mike. We are so looking forward to seeing you next week!

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