Day 81: Dover, DE to Baltimore, MD by car.

Ok so I admit, before anyone asks, I did run today. Only 8 miles and it was on the hotel treadmill. 2 miles were at the heady heights of 8:30 min miling and felt quick. There may be some speed work required when I get home!!

Right so confession over, I’ve also sat in the car a lot and wandered around a couple of beaches and wildlife areas in Delaware with my parents. Which was ok, though I’d rather have been running all day to be honest. I did go back to normal eating – breakfast, lunch and dinner – which was odd, instead of eating all day! Lunch seemed unusual (it was a subway flatbread, pretty good) as it’s been a long time since I actually sat down and had lunch, instead of snacking by the side of the road/trail!

I’m now in an airport hotel in Baltimore ahead of my flight back to London tomorrow. Looking forward to getting home – though it’ll be Friday before I’m in my flat as my friend living in my flat for the summer (Hi Sarah!) is moving out later this week. So it gives me a good opportunity to stay with a friend, Claire, for a couple of days and catch up; before moving to another friends for the rest of the week. I could have stayed in a hotel but after three months in hotels I’m a bit fed up of them!

Ive just done my final radio interview for 5Live; you can hear it here about 30 mins into the show ‘Up All Night’. I’ve been on it about 6 times over the summer and will post a link to some others if I can find them – I think they only exist for a few days.

Heidi has wonderfully put together a selection of the photos from yesterday – they can be seen here (warning if you’re at work there’s music so mute might be a good idea).

Here’s a picture from me too:

These are my feet at the start of Day 80. Very good condition for 79 ultramarathons! And yes my tan lines are ridiculous; I shall be fake-tanning my feet for years!

I still don’t think it’s sunk in. Here’s the final stats (thanks to Markus Mueller!):

2012 Run across America on Trail
3302.85 miles in 80 days

Twin Harbors State Park, WA – Cape Henlopen State Park, DE

1. Mike Samuelson 719:47:13
2. Jennifer Bradley 720:26:40

Average running time was 9 hours a day.
4 runners started.



8 responses to “Day 81: Dover, DE to Baltimore, MD by car.

  1. OMG.. Jen… you’ve done it! I can’t believe how good your feet look. I shall forward the link to as many people as possible. I’m listening to the broadcast as I type. Not going straight home is probably a good introduction to “normal” life. Only six pairs of trainers!! ?

  2. Colin Paterson’s an IDIOT… no wonder they put him on in the small hours… “Walking?!” (prat)…

  3. Well done Jen. I think surviving that interview might be the toughest thing you faced that week!

  4. Joanna littlechild

    Love the tan lines!

  5. yvonne robinson

    Congratulations Jen. I’ve followed you all the way on the web and I’m exhausted. Congratulations again.

    Yvonne & Keith Robinson

  6. Well done! Amazing effort and thanks for the entertaining blogs over the last three months. Wow, how can you do all that running day after day? Many congrats to you and Mike

  7. Wow, Jen, 9 hours running a day through all weathers and heat, for nearly 3 months. Some achievement, nice work! I guess coming back to real life again may just seem a bit tame in comparison…

  8. The times were that close? Here I thought you were ahead by hours. You completed a Bunion Derby without bunions!
    You still want to be running all day… you’re marvelous!

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