March and April 2013: Achilles Heel!

March started well with a trip to Cornwall and Devon with 8 friends to run the 100 mile Camel Teign route (this year’s LDWA 100 miler From Bodmin to the mouth of the river Teign in Devon) over 3 days. It was a great run and we had 2 good days, though it was pretty windy going over Dartmoor. Following a lot of rain some sections were very boggy and I managed to tweak my Achilles heel jumping over a waterlogged field on day 2. I iced it that night but it was too sore for me to run more than about 10 miles the third day and I was on the early train home (though not before having run a decent amount on it to make it really hurt!!)

Sometimes it was clear when we were on the right path... sometimes not so clear!

Sometimes it was clear when we were on the right path… sometimes not so clear!

CT 2013

Then a 10 day trip to Lanzarote with the running/Tri club. I could barely run so decided not to risk it and take advantage of the great cycling round the island. I swam a lot (at least once a day in the gorgeous 50m outside pool) and have kept this up a few times a week back home. If I was in London injured I’d have been pretty fed up but in the sunshine of Lanzarote I was able to cross train and enjoy the change.

If you have to recover from a dodgy Achilles La Santa is the best place!

If you have to recover from a dodgy Achilles La Santa is the best place!

I was still in a lot of pain when I got back, saw a physio and was told to stay off it for the foreseeable (though it turns out I have some myopia…!) With the London Marathon coming up I  decided to test it out at the National Road Relays and ran a pb 5k with no pain, which was a great feeling after nearly 6 weeks off! So I picked up my VLM number and ran a decent marathon, mainly off my endurance base – my pacing was pretty rubbish though. Still slightly surprised with only being 1 min over my pb; which has made me start to think I might train for next year’s London Marathon and see what I can do.

2 responses to “March and April 2013: Achilles Heel!

  1. Monica Lockett


    Started to read your posts which I find so inspiring.

    Just wanted you to know that after following your adventures across America, I realised that only my mind was stopping me from running again.

    I ran the London marathon again this year, albeit very slowly after 8 years of thinking I would never run again! The best thing is I am still running!

    I love reading your posts, (introduced by your lovely cousin lucy) and i wish you a full recovery from that achilles niggle.

    Happy running!

    Monica Lockett (cuddington, Cheshire)

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