Stage 3: Pontivy to Guer, 75km

Today was the longest stage, though stage 12 is another 75km day so only just. I woke up with a horrid sore throat and the feeling a cold was on the way. Completely too late I had effervescent multivitamins and Lemsip to start the day, chased down with ham & cheese croissants and eggs. And coffee, lots of coffee.

The start was weird – with the 6 fastest guys starting an hour later at 7:30am that left Carmen, me and a few of the similar paced guys at the front. I decided to give today a shot and started out strong, and led for 64km!! I could see Carmen behind me on any long, straight stretch of road so knew she was less than 400m behind me, all day!

Then as we entered a town she caught up and I started to feel my lemsip wearing off. We ran together for a short while

similar women

caught backJJm

ladies day

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