The Dangers of Steroids Medicine

Steroids medicine is still a controversial topic. With the recent news on Michael Johnson, one wonders how many more players may not be fully aware of the long list of side effects that are associated with steroid use. Just ask former NBA star Dennis Rodman. “I used to take Tylenol for back pain once a week, but now I can barely walk. It’s scary,” he said.

Steroids are chemically engineered drugs that give athletes an advantage in competition. They are designed to increase strength, stamina, agility, and so on. The problem is misuse and overuse. Too many people use them too frequently, causing devastating health risks. In fact, those risks are higher than with illegal drug use.

So what should you do if your son or daughter wants to try using steroids medicine? You should allow them to explore that option, but you must monitor closely their use. Never give them free reign to do whatever they want. Parents have a responsibility to teach their children about their body and the consequences of abuse. Parents must be active participants in their children’s drug use, and work closely with them to develop and enforce positive role models.

If you are in doubt about your child’s interest in steroids medicine, talk to him or her about it. Look for signs such as withdrawing from activities they normally enjoy, not wanting to eat, sleep, or concentrate, and speaking about an increasingly severe and worrisome stomach pain. Also pay close attention to changes in their personality, such as withdrawing from friends and participating in less social events. Any drastic changes should alert you to the potential danger. If your son or daughter seems happier and healthier and starts to use more sports, then that might be a good sign – but be careful. You can get more information clenbuterol for sale.

Steroids medicine can be a lifesaver for a young athlete who needs to build a bit of muscle. However, too much usage of steroids can turn into a real problem. When teens begin using steroids, they generally see gains in muscle size and strength very quickly. Some steroids affect the liver – making them more susceptible to alcohol abuse or even liver failure. In the long term, teenagers may become seriously interested in illegal steroids. There are many stories about young people who used steroids for the thrill of having muscles and ending up with serious physical complications as a result.

Before deciding to prescribe steroids, make sure that your child is on the right medication. Discuss your options with your child’s doctor, and be prepared for denial or delay. Remember, some kids may be perfectly healthy, but simply need an added boost to help them get through a rough time. Talk with your child about steroids medicine, and work with him or her to find the dosage that works best for him or her.

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